FIFA21 Ultimate Team Trading Guide Part 2

Trading during a Promo (Source: FUTstarz)
After we introduced the Thursday Flipping Trading Method last week, this time we want to show you how to prepare for the release of new promos and how to make coins during a new event.

Preparing for Promos

The most promos are released on a Friday at 6pm UK time. These Promos usually run during the same time each year. For this you can prepare yourself to not lose coins before the event and make profit after the new Promo has started!

Before the new promo

• As soon as the hype starts, the panic on the transfer market begins. That´s why it´s important to sell your players before the hype arises. This is how you can avoid losing coins due to people panic selling their teams before a new promo.
• Be as liquid as possible that you can invest into any cards that will drop in price just before and during the promo.

During the promo

• Try to get good deals during lightning rounds. Lightning rounds create a lot of supply and it´s a lot easier to buy cards on bids and snipes. The best time to get good deals is 1 hour after EA dropped a lightning round. Try to get popular players as cheap as possible between 7pm and 10 pm, which are often used in SBCs and Weekend League teams.
• Remember lightning rounds create a coin injection onto the market, because people sell what they´ve packed as soon as possible to buy upgrades for their Weekend League teams. That´s why the prices go up very quick after the lightning rounds are over.

How to make coins during the promo

• A few hours/days after you bought the players very cheap during the lightning rounds the prices normally go up because everyone wants to buy the players back for their Weekend League teams or do some SBCs.

Avoid panic selling

If your players don´t rise, be patient and hold onto them. Your moment will come. If there is good content from EA at some point your players will increase in price!

Buy popular players

It´s important to buy the most popular players that people need in SBCS or want to use in their Weekend League teams. If there isn´t much demand for the player before the rewards drop, there won´t be much demand afterwards.
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By Patrick Kreichgauer


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