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These are the improvements the FIFA community would like to see (Source:
In FIFA21, we are figuratively already in the second half. The gaming community knows the current title from the Canadian game developer EA Sports inside and out. The strengths of the game are just as well known as its weaknesses. That’s why a large part of the followers of the popular football simulation are already looking towards the fall, when a new title of the FIFA series will be released.
Comparing FIFA21 with its predecessor, EA Sports has definitely taken a step in the right direction. After all, it couldn’t get any worse, or so they thought. Even if the loyal FIFA followers have registered the improvements, there are still some points that EA Sports has to work off on its “to do” list. What has to be improved for FIFA 22, you can read here.

Ultimate Team

One of the most important points in FIFA Ultimate Team, the Weekend League. This is the central point of contact for all players, whether they are professionals, ambitious or hobby players. Once you’ve got to grips with the mode, you’ll quickly realize that money does win games in this case.
Of course, you can go a long way without a monetary contribution, but in a match on equal footing, it’s the team that counts, and thus inevitably your wallet. EA Sports could counteract this “pay to win” problem with a free choice of players. The question is whether the major corporation wants that at all.

Better servers

A point that probably the entire FIFA community has on the list. The online servers are unfortunately far too bad. Due to the strongly varying server performance, it’s always a gamble, completely without pack openings, when it comes to whether you play through a game smoothly or not.

Extended reporting system

Long cheering scenes, excessive time play or even private messages with insults. It all still happens far too often, which leads us to a sad realization: A part of the FIFA community is toxic. In order to stamp out such misbehavior once and for all, it should be easier and more accurate to report it. But most importantly, it must have harsher consequences.

Pro Clubs

The FIFA Pro Clubs mode has had a loyal fanbase for years. Unfortunately, its own publisher, EA Sports, has not yet recognized the potential of the 11 vs. 11 mode. The eSports leagues are still self-organized and the Canadians lack the support for professionalization.
Errors in the mode are regularly fixed very late. And before that, there are plenty. From lineups that can’t be changed to jersey bugs, there are always new reasons that can drive you up the wall.

Spectator mode

The calls for a spectator mode are getting louder every year. It doesn’t even have to be as advanced as CS:GO or League of Legends for starters. It would already be enough if you could join friends’ games as a spectator.
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By Stephan Murphy


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