FIFA 21 FUT Daley Sinkgraven Tasks

You don't want to miss this left-back! (Source: EA Sports)
The FIFA 21 Team of the Year is in the starting blocks and you are about to save a lot of coins for the best FUT cards? Then we have an insider tip for you: You’ll secure this Bundesliga left defender completely free of charge, only a little time investment is required. The tasks for Bundesliga league player Daley Sinkgraven from Bayer Leverkusen.

Are you playing with a Bundesliga team in FUT 21 and still using the gold card of Alphonso Davies on the left side of defense? Then it’s time for a change, because you can easily earn the new special card of Daley Sinkgraven. We’ll tell you what you need to do to get it.

Bundesliga league player Daley Sinkgraven

Let’s be honest: around 600,000 coins for the strong RTTF card of Bayern kicker Alphonso Davies is quite a number, especially for a full-back. And the TOTY version is not likely to be any cheaper either.

But thanks to EA Sports, there is finally an alternative for the LV position in the Bundesliga: Daley Sinkgraven from Bayer Leverkusen can be unlocked by completing five simple tasks.

The young Dutchman has 91 speed, 88 dribbling and 82 defense on his new Objective card. Boost the lack of physicality with the Anchor Chemistry Style and you have a really first-class defender for the coming months.
With Anchor, Sinkgraven comes up with really strong values (Source: FUTBIN)

How to get the card of Daley Sinkgraven

You can secure the second best left-back in the Bundesliga in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team by completing five simple tasks in the friendly game mode “Managerial Masterpiece”. You still have about a month to do this – but you don’t need more than a few hours of game time.

The tasks at a glance:
  1. Win 15 games using only Bundesliga players in the starting eleven
  2. Score 30 goals with Bundesliga players in Manager Masterpiece mode
  3. Prepare 20 goals with Bundesliga players in Manager Masterpiece mode.
  4. Prepare 4 goals by cross with Bundesliga players in 4 different matches in Manager Masterpiece.
  5. Score a goal in 6 separate games via finesse shot with a Bundesliga player
Theoretically, therefore, at least 15 games are required, which ideally corresponds to about four hours of play. Note, however, that the game mode only allows teams that do not exceed the maximum value of 77 OVR.

Tip: Your substitutes also count towards the rating! So put as many bronze cards as possible on your bench to be able to use better players in the starting eleven.
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By Philipp Briel

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