Gewinnspiel Teilnahmebedingungen


Conditions of participation Lottery


Conditions of
participation for competitions on Facebook


I. Organiser 

The organiser of this competition is
YourSportraits GmbH, Vollmannstraß
e 27h, 81925 Munich.


This contest is not affiliated with Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter and is in no way sponsored, endorsed or organized by Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter. The recipient of the information you provide is not Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter but YourSportraits GmbH.


II. Scope of application


These conditions of participation apply to all
competitions organised by YourSportraits GmbH. They may apply in addition to
special conditions of participation if and to the extent that such conditions
have been announced with the respective competition.


By participating in the competition, each
participant acknowledges these conditions of participation as well as the
special conditions of participation announced with each competition and the
stated period of participation.


III. Participation


Every natural person of full
age may participate in his/her own name. Minors are, subject to the relevant
legal provisions, entitled to participate if the legal representative agrees to
the participation. Employees of YourSportraits GmbH, affiliated companies and
possible cooperation partners as well as their relatives are excluded from


Every person can only
participate once


If participation requires the
sending of materials or files, each participant assures that he/she is the sole
owner and holder of all rights of use and exploitation of the submitted
material. By sending in the material, each participant grants YourSportraits
GmbH the ownership as well as the rights of use and exploitation of the material
sent in for the purposes communicated with the competition, unless the
participant declares his or her objection in writing by sending in the
YourSportraits GmbH accepts no liability for any material sent to us unless YourSportraits GmbH or its
employees act with intent or gross negligence. After completion of the
YourSportraits GmbH is
entitled to destroy any material sent.


IV. Duration of the lottery,
deadline for participation 


Competitions that take place on our Facebook pages or are organised
and handled directly by
GmbH are limited in time. The start of participation
and the entry deadline or the closing date will be announced with the
respective competition.


Participation is free of charge
and in no way dependent on the purchase of a product or the use of a service.
Use of the game is at your own risk.


V. Determination
of the winners


Unless otherwise described in the competition, the prizes will be
selected from all correct entries at the discretion of YourSportraits GmbH. The
selection decision of YourSportraits GmbH is binding and cannot be checked for
its factual correctness. Legal action is excluded.


VI. Profit notification and acceptance of profits


all winners will be notified
via Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter private message
. YourSportraits GmbH
reserves the right to publicly announce the names of the winners via Facebook,
TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter comments. The participants hereby declare
their agreement.


Any winner so notified must
accept the prize within one week of YourSportraits GmbH sending the
notification. Acceptance is made by sending the correct address d
etail via Facebook,
TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter message. The winner must provide his full
address, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube or Twitter name and e-mail


If YourSportraits GmbH does not
receive such notification within this period, the possibility of accepting the
prize will be forfeited and YourSportraits GmbH reserves the right to determine
another participant as the winner and to notify the winner accordingly.


In each case the prizes
mentioned in the competition text will be raffled off.
The prize that may be
presented in the competition is not necessarily identical with the item won,
deviations are possible.
Should a prize no longer be available for any reason, YourSportraits
GmbH reserves the right to replace the prize with an alternative of equal or
higher value.


In principle, the prize is only awarded to the extent stated by
YourSportraits GmbH in the postal competition.
Any (consequential) costs
incurred by the winner during and/or through the use of the prize are only
included if this has been expressly stated in the competition. The winner must
pay all taxes that he/she may incur as a result of the prize.
GmbH accepts no liability for damages incurred by a participant through the
acceptance and/or use of the prize.


Winnings will be sent free of
charge to the winners within two weeks of the competition being accepted. If a
prize cannot be delivered for reasons for which YourSportraits GmbH is not
responsible, the claim to the prize will be forfeited without compensation. As
a matter of principle, YourSportraits GmbH only makes one shipping attempt.


A cash payment of the prize
value or discount value and an exchange of the prize are excluded. The prize is
not transferable.


VIII. Premature termination,


YourSportraits GmbH reserves the
right to cancel or terminate the competition at any time without prior notice
and without stating reasons if proper execution cannot be guaranteed for
technical or legal reasons.
In such a case, the participants are not entitled
to any claims against YourSportraits GmbH.


YourSportraits GmbH reserves
the right to exclude participants from participation in the competition. This
applies in case of violation of the conditions of participation or if
participants use manipulation or other dishonest means.
YourSportraits GmbH can
also subsequently pronounce such an exclusion, revoke any winnings and claim
them back.


The user is entitled to revoke
his declaration of intent to conclude a contract and participate in
competitions within two weeks. The period begins at the earliest upon receipt
of this instruction.
The timely dispatch of the notice of revocation shall be sufficient
to meet the deadline. It is to be made in writing without giving reasons and
sent to:


YourSportraits GmbH


Vollmanstraße 27h


81925 München


IX. Data Protection


YourSportraits GmbH must collect personal data
from participants, such as name, address and e-mail address, in order to carry
out a competition.
Personal data which is transmitted to YourSportraits GmbH as part of
participation in a competition will only be collected, stored, processed and
used by YourSportraits GmbH and any cooperation partners involved for the
purpose of carrying out and processing the competition in question.

The data will be deleted within one month of the
prize being awarded, with the exception of comments and messages posted or sent
via Facebook in connection with the competition.


Upon request, YourSportraits GmbH will provide
each participant with information free of charge about all personal data stored
by him/her and will immediately destroy such data free of charge upon request.
All you need
to do is send an informal message by e-mail to:


X. Severability Clause


Should a provision of the conditions of
participation be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions
shall not be affected.
Instead of the invalid or missing provisions, the respective legal
regulations shall apply


XI. Applicable law


The competition is subject exclusively to the
laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Furthermore, reference is made to our data
protection declaration.


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