How to go Pro 3 - Weekend League

Regular, concentrated training is essential for advancement in the WL (Source: FIFA)
“You can’t play FIFA all weekend?!” – Why you should even absolutely do that as an ambitious FIFA gamer, we tell you here in the article. In the last part of our series “How to go Pro” we showed you how the training plan & training structure of an eSports pro should look like. If you have understood that, you are ready to conquer the competitive modes of FIFA21.

90s mode or Ultimate Team?

FIFA21 offers many different game modes. Among them, 90 mode and FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) are the two modes that have the most charisma competitively.

The 90 mode is perfect for competing with teams of exactly the same strength. However, you should still focus on Ultimate Team, as it gives you more customization options for your game.

Squad Battles, Division Rivals or Weekend League?

Not every game mode in FUT will really advance your game. All modes where you compete against the CPU, i.e. the “computer”, are only of limited use. These include Squad Battles, Offline Draft and offline friendlies. When playing against the CPU opponent, you train at most your individual skills, such as skill moves, but not your ability to react to a real opponent.

You can only train this by playing against real opponents, as is the case in Division Rivals and FUT Champions. These two modes are also the most important for any ambitious gamer.

Division Rivals is available at any time of the day or night and you can/should play this mode as often as possible to gain experience and skills. Also, use Division Rivals to earn qualification points for the Weekend League.
FUT Champions takes place every weekend (Source: EA Sports)
FUT Champions, aka the Weekend League starts every Friday at 9:00am and ends Monday morning at 9:00am. The registration period ends 24 hours after the start of the WL, which is Saturday at 9:00am.

You should try to qualify for the Weekend League as often as possible. Once you have done that, you will automatically receive enough points for the next WL if you have reached at least Silver 1 rank in the current WL.

If you qualify regularly, you should also participate in the Weekend League as often as possible and above all play ALL 30 games. Only if you play all 30 games, you have the chance to reach the best possible rank and to win the best prizes in the form of packs, coins and player picks. It is important that you approach all games with full concentration. Even supposedly easy opponents can quickly become a stumbling block in FIFA21 and bring you annoying defeats.

If you manage to play the whole Weekend League with full concentration every week, nothing will stand in the way between you and your promotion in the WL ranks!
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By Maurice Schürch

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