How to go Pro 4 - Mental strength

Caption: A player's mental strength can make the difference between winning and losing (Source: FIFA).
Some gamers throw their controller against the wall, others crush their TV and some have verbal outbursts that the whole neighborhood hears. There are many different versions of gaming rage, but everyone knows it, the FIFA rage. Why these escapades are not good for your game and why you should avoid them, you can find out here.

What is mental strength?

Avoiding freak-outs and dealing with failures is part of the mental strength. Every athlete/gamer/eSportsman knows the moments when things do not go so well. In FIFA, it usually looks like conceding an unrealistic goal in the fifth minute of overtime from a worse player with a team he bought together. Many players then lose their patience, get emotional, play rashly and lose the game in overtime.
To prevent this from happening to you, part of mental training is dealing with failure. You improve at this by learning to shield your self-efficacy beliefs from failure and staying focused on your goal. This means bringing to mind that you are better than the Bronze 3 player you are playing overtime against. Focus on your skills, strengths & goals and you will see that you are superior to your opponent.
Spectators can also influence a player’s mental state (Source: FIFA).

Goals, motivation & endurance

In addition to dealing with stress and failure, goal setting, motivation and endurance are all part of mental strength. Athletes who constantly set new, challenging goals for themselves have higher motivation in the long run. This gained motivation helps you on the one hand to perform better in the current game and on the other hand not to give up and to keep going.
This brings us to the point of endurance. In addition to the physical endurance of jogging or cycling, there is also a mental endurance. This describes the extent to which you stick to your goals despite weaknesses and setbacks. If you quit the entire Weekend League (WL) after the first defeat, your mental stamina probably still has room for improvement.
By the way, you can find out how best to approach the WL in the third part of our series “How to go Pro”
In addition to your own goals, additional motivation from outside will help you increase your mental endurance. Here’s how friends, teammates, family, coaches and others can help:

• Positive and supportive climate – when training, confidence should be built. Negative climate and punishments are more of a hindrance.

• Feedback, the opportunity to learn from others and to share – feedback is considered one of the most important factors in learning, in this case in learning to deal with challenging situations.
If you want feedback, as well as tips & tricks from the best FIFA players in the world, check out our PRO COACHING We’ll show you how to become the best in FIFA.


By Maurice Schürch

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