How to go Pro 5 - physical fitness

The image of the eSportsman who only eats fast food and drinks energy drinks is a thing of the past. In order to become a successful FIFA pro and later earn money with gaming, healthy nutrition and physical fitness are among the basic requirements.
To play with the big ones you have to be physically 100% fit (Source: FIFA)
In the last part of our series “How to go Pro” you could already learn everything about the mental strength of a FIFA pro. Now we want to take a closer look at some physical aspects.

General fitness

To be able to cope with the training and competition loads of an eSportsman you should be as healthy and fit as possible. A diet and training plan is already part of the standard repertoire of the world’s most successful gamers.

Training plan

In “How to go Pro 2 – Training Structure & Training Plan” you will learn everything about FIFA specific training. In addition, the training plan of the pros also includes regular strength and cardio training. Jogging and lifting weights every now and then instead of 24/7 gaming is the motto.


Poor nutrition makes you sick, unhappy, causes lack of concentration, and so on. No one, and especially no professional athlete, needs all that if they want to be successful. That’s why (e)athletes pay attention to a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. #eatyourveggies
The nutrition of eSports athletes has changed a lot in recent years (Source: FIFA)

Reaction time & hand-eye coordination

Reaction time is little to impossible to train, as it depends on the speed of your nervous system. What you can train, however, is anticipating actions, which also helps you shorten the reaction time. Our tactics expert Stylo will show you how to anticipate your opponent’s actions in his coaching sessions.

Hand-eye coordination can be trained and should not be neglected. It is already trained during ‘normal’ gaming, but professionals also train it separately. This is done, for example, through motor challenges such as juggling or painting, but SKILLGAME is also an excellent option to train hand-eye coordination.
If you want feedback, as well as tips & tricks from the best FIFA players in the world, check out our PRO COACHING. We will show you how to become the best in FIFA.


By Maurice Schürch

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