Road to Champion episode 1

Mental advice from the world champion

By Coach Alex

Dive into the world of MoAuba – FIFA world champion and one of the biggest stars in the gaming world. We’re showing you how the FIFA sensation prepares for the FGS finals. Get to know the person Mo and see what he’s doing mentally, physically and on the console to get fit for the final FIFA20 event of the year. 


Today, it’s all about the mental aspect of the game. We’re showing you how Mo processes losses, prepares for games and how he always keeps calm. 

How to process losses

Not long ago, Mo lost the console final in the VBL grand final – partly due to an in-game error where he couldn’t sub on any players. Definitely a very frustrating experience. But Mo didn’t let it get through to him – he processed the loss by spending a little bit of time distracting himself from the game. He spent time alone, with his family and his friends. This helped him get his head free and get back to playing FIFA at his full strength.

How to prepare for an important game

When preparing himself for an important game, the FIFA legend likes to spend time on his own, watching inspirational videos of big sports and gaming moments, for example his win at the FIFA19 world cup. He also likes to listen to motivating music (check out the link to the playlist if you’re interested) which helps him focus on the upcoming challenge.

How to keep calm in intense games

Now, we all know how frustrating FIFA can get (Come on, every one of us has smashed a controller at least once 😉) and it’s no exception for the FIFA world champion. But Mo knows it’s all about staying calm. His tactic is to always imagine that the score is still 0:0 so there’s still time left to score more goals and turn the game around. The important lesson here is to never give up!

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