FUT 21 Future Stars Team 1: The 5 best players

The 1st Future Stars team features some top-notch cards. (Source: EA Sports)
In FIFA 21 Ultimate Team it’s all about the young guns in the upcoming days: The FUT Future Stars have started and in the first Future Stars team you can already find some really strong players. We present you the 5 cards that are REALLY worth their money.
Diogo Dalot (AC Milan)

Position: Left-Back

Price: about 70.000 coins
Future Stars Dalot (Source: EA Sports)
Good full-backs in Serie A are hard to find, especially on the left side. With the Portuguese Diogo Dalot, EA Sports now delivers the only real alternative to Theo Hernandez, whose dynamic headliners card now ranks at just under 900,000 coins.

Dalot, on the other hand, costs only a fraction of that and also provides the strong-link to Cristiano Ronaldo. All of the important stats for a defender are more than respectable, making Dalot an excellent option.

Tip: An RB card from Dalot follows in Team 2, which should be even more exciting thanks to the flashback CR7 SBC.
Reece James (Chelsea London)

Position: Right-Back

Price: approx. 550,000 coins
Future Stars James (Source: EA Sports)
For the Englishman on the other side of the defense, you have to dig much deeper into your virtual pocket, but when you look at the values, it quickly becomes clear why it is how it is: Reece James is already part of many professional FUT teams and, thanks to strong stats, he is not only playable as a right-back, but also in central defense and CDM.
Dejan Kulusevski (Piemonte Calcio)

Position: Right-Wing

Price: about 550.000 coins
Future Stars Kulusevksi (Source: EA Sports)
Let’s return to Serie A. The Swede in the service of Piemonte Calcio provides the strong-link to CR7 (still the best gold card in FIFA 21) and has the same physique as Ruud Gullit. That alone makes the winger an interesting choice. But Kulusevski’s stats also look extremely strong. Best of all, he plays even better than he appears to! Especially in the forward position, the card is a strong choice, but even as a left back in the current 5-3-2 meta-formation he cuts a good figure.
Alexander Isak (Real Sociedad)

Position: Striker

Price: about 120.000 coins
Future Stars Isak (Source: EA Sports)
We stay in Sweden, but switch to the Spanish La Liga. Isak is THE insider tip in Future Stars Team 1 and with about 120,000 coins also a bargain. After all, he not only brings five stars weak foot, but also convinces with high speed and strong shooting values. Due to his size, Isak is not a meta player, but he still doesn’t miss the goal. Currently the best La Liga striker.
Steven Bergwijn (Tottenham Hotspur)

Position: Left midfield

Price: approx. 1.1 million coins
Future Stars Bergwijn (Source: EA Sports)
Let’s be honest: In the Weekend League you meet Marcus Rashford or Heung-min Son in every second game, don’t you? What if we told you that Steven Bergwijn’s FUT Future Stars card is better than either meta striker?

In fact: Future Stars Bergwijn is completely overpowered! He has the pace to leave even fast defenders behind him, the finishing to put any ball in the goal, and with the Chemistry Style finisher, a whopping 99 points of agility and balance. As if that wasn’t enough, Bergwijn also brings 94 strength to the table, making him almost impossible to separate from the ball, even from Varane, Walker and co. The combination of all these assets makes the Dutchman an absolute meta-card that is end-game worthy in the center of attack.
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By Philipp Briel

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