The best players in FIFA 21 under 100.000 coins

The best players for your FUT team under 100,000 coins. (Source: FUTBIN)
To build a strong FUT team in FIFA 21 you need strong cards. Especially in the beginning you will have problems, because for strong cards you have to dig deep into your pocket. But there are also good cards for players with a smaller budget. Which ones are and how much coins you have to pay for them, you can find out here.
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Raphael Varane

At the peak Varane was already over 300,000 coins. (Source: FUTBIN)
Varane is still considered one of the best IVs in Ultimate Team. In terms of price/performance, Varane is so good that it’s easy to get over the fact that there are a lot of defenders in FIFA 21 who have a higher overall strength. In addition to a high speed, Varane still impresses with a first-class physique and defense. Cost: about 80,000 coins.

Sergio Ramos

Due to recently released SBCs, Ramos price increased significantly. (Source: FUTBIN)
The perfect partner for Varane in your IV is his Real Madrid teammate, Sergio Ramos. If you disregard his speed, the mental monster Ramos also has damn strong stats that will help you stop the opponent’s attacks.
Cost: about 85,000 coins

Pierres Lees-Melou (What If)

After the release, the price of the Frenchman was about 120,000 coins. (Source: FUTBIN)
The OGC Nice midfielder must have the newest card on the roster, as he came into the game with the What If event. His card offers everything you need in central midfield. On his weak foot, he has 4-stars just like with his skills. Don’t forget that he could still get an upgrade.
Cost: about 98,000 coins.

Alejandro Gómez (TOTW)

At times in February, Gomez's card was over 100,000 coins. (Source: FUTBIN)
Just how popular Alejandro Gómez is can be seen from his What If card, which currently stands at over one million coins. For those who don’t want to spend quite that much, it’s worth taking a look at his Inform card. This card impresses with strong offensive values and also fits well into the meta of FIFA 21. The fact that Gomez now plays for Sevilla should not affect the whole thing.
Cost: about 86,000 coins

Nicolas Pépé (TOTW)

Pépé appeared with the TOTW 23. (Source: FUTBIN)
Do you need speed on the wing in your Premier League team? Then you should take a look at the quick-as-an-arrow and dribble-strong Frenchman. However, you will have to make sacrifices in terms of physicality.
Cost: about 96,000 coins

Riyad Mahrez (TOTW)

Last year, you could have gotten Mahrez for much less. (Source: FUTBIN)
Mahrez high dribbling value and his 5-star skills make him a real weapon in the offense. The Algerian is a must have in every Premier League team. If you want to save some more coins, take a look at the gold version.
Cost: about. 93,000 coins

Ihlas Bebou (RTTF)

The elimination in the Europa League unfortunately prevents potential upgrades. (Source: FUTBIN)
The man from Hoffenheim was far too expensive for this list until recently, but his team’s elimination from the Europa League caused the price to drop. Even though the total value of his card is only 83, don’t let that deter you. At second look, you can see that Bebou has the stats exactly where you need them in a striker. Extremely high speed, strong dribbling and a good shot. Such a combination is rare in the Bundesliga.
Cost: about 88,500 coins

Joao Félix (TOTW)

The card of Joao Félix is very popular among FIFA 21 players. (Source: FUTBIN)
Joao Félix is one of the most popular players in FIFA 21, and you can see why right away when you take a look at his inform card. 5-star skills and 4 stars on the weak foot, plus strong dribbling and a very good finish make him damn dangerous.
Cost: about 92,000 coins
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By Stephan Murphy

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