The best TOTS ever!

These are the players to get!

By Coach Alex

Last Friday, the ultimate TOTS was released! The best TOTS cards from every major league. Hopefully you guys had a good Weekend League to end the Team of the season promotion with a bang!

As you know, we normally show you the best cheap beasts from every TOTS, it´s quite hard with this one because pretty much every player is expensive. So instead, we´ll show you the players who are worth the price of hundreds of thousands or even millions of coins!

1) The biggest bargain is probably Jordan Henderson, he is regularly used by pros and is regarded as one of the best CMs/CDMs in the game. He´s always been around 400k, but now he´s 200k. On top of his insane stats he´s also pretty easy to link as he´s a english player for Liverpool.
2) The second player is Jadon Sancho who is still pretty expensive at 600k, but cheap compared to the 1 million coins you had to pay before to get him. As for his stats, we don´t have to explain much, 98 pace, 98 dribbling and other insane attributes make him probably the best winger in the game.
3) Ciro Immobile is one of the most underrated players from this TOTS promotion. Stats like 95 dribbling, 98 shooting and 93 pace make him the best Seria A striker after Cristiano. And the best thing is – you can get him for only 100k!

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