The first half of FIFA 21 Icon Swap 2 is about to end

Secure the rewards from the Icon Swaps (Source: EA Sports).
At the FIFA 21 FUT Icon Swaps 2 you can get some icons as a reward. For a change you don’t have to spend coins, but you have to master tasks in different FUT game modes. For the successful completion of a task you will receive tokens, which you can exchange for packs and icon cards. At the moment Icon Swap 2 is running, how far it is and how it will go on, you can find out here.
By completing the tasks you will receive tokens that you can exchange for packs and icon cards. (Source: EA Sports).

The first half of Icon Swaps 2 is almost over

The FIFA 21 FUT Icon Swaps 2 is divided into two halves. Currently we are at the end of the first half (February 19 to March 26), which means for you, you only have until Friday 7pm to complete your remaining tasks to collect all available tokens (9). The second half of Icon Swaps 2 will end on May 07 and will also give you 9 tokens. If you haven’t completed all the tasks yet, you should do it now, because after tomorrow night you won’t have a chance to catch up.

Icon cards or packs

The more tokens you have collected at the end of FIFA FUT Icon Swaps 2, the more choice you have in your rewards. You can choose between the following six icons:
• Roberto Baggio (94 OVR) – 17 Token

• Emilio Butragueno (87 OVR) – 15 Token

• Laurent Blanc (89 OVR) – 13 Token

• Marc Overmars (91 OVR) – 11 Token

• Ashley Cole (89 OVR) – 9 Token

• Deco (91 OVR) – 7 Token
If the icon cards don’t appeal to you, you can also hope for a Prime Icon Moments card in the Pack Rewards. The following nine packs are available for you to choose from.
• Prime- oder Momente-Icon-Pack – 16 Token

• 91+ Prime-Icon-Pack – 14 Token

• Prime-Icon-Pack – 12 Token

• Mittleres- oder Prime-Icon-Pack – 10 Token

• Mittleres-Icon-Pack – 9 Token

• Basis-Icon-Pack – 8 Token

• 83+ x25-Pack – 8 Token

• 82+ x25-Pack – 3 Token

• 81+ x25-Pack – 2 Token

A whole 34 Moments cards are available in the packs (source: EA Sports).
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By Stephan Murphy

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