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take your game to the next level (Source: EA Sports)
The Weekend League is the most competitive game mode in FIFA21. Every weekend, players grind through a total of 30 games.
With so many good players and different styles of play to use in FIFA21, it can often be very tricky to escape the Silver or Gold ranks. It often seems impossible to reach Elite and Top 200 in the weekend league competition.
So how exactly do you reach the high ranks? Today we want to present you another method besides our 1 on 1 coachings, which will take your gameplay to the next level and help you to become a better player in FIFA21.

Group coaching by GAMERS ACADEMY

Everyone knows there are many different offers and tutorials on the internet about how to become a better player in FIFA21. But if you really want to improve your game our personal group coaching sessions are the fastest and safest way.
GAMERS ACADEMY offers you a coaching experience by some of the best eSport pros like world champion coach Stylo. The advantage! You analyze and discuss selected topics live with our pros and receive the best possible tips. This is way more effective than regular tutorials that you usually find on the internet.

How group coaching works

• Step 1: At predetermined times you can sign up for a group coaching topic suitable to your skill level. You decide with which coach you would like to analyze a current topic together with other participants.
• Step 2: After signing up for one of our group coaching sessions you will receive a Zoom Link via email. On the day of your coaching session, all you have to do is to click on the zoom link and you will be taken directly to your coaching session with your coach and the other participants. The group of participants consists of a maximum of 10 users.
• Step 3: Learn from the best! After joining your coaching session, the coach will analyze the set topic together with you for 1 hour by using brand new gameplay scenes from Pro tournaments or the Weekend League. This way you can exchange ideas with our Pro and the other users and get the best tips directly. This will help you to bring your FIFA skills to a new level and to be always up to date about FIFA and the current meta.
You want to improve your skills in FIFA21 as soon as possible and finally play at the highest level? Then don´t wait and book your personal group coaching asap.


By Patrick Kreichgauer


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