Stephan Murphy

FIFA 22 Skill Moves

The selection of skill moves in the past FIFA editions was huge. For FIFA 22 it will be extended again. Which skill moves are new, you can find out here.

These skill moves are new

On Tuesday (20.07.), EA SPORTS announced the first gameplay details of FIFA 22 in the form of a preview event. The producers of the FIFA franchise gave us a preview of the many tweaks and changes they have been working on to make the game as realistic as possible. In addition to the graphical modifications, four new skill moves will also be added to the game.

First Time Spin, Four Touch Skill, Scoop Turn Fake and Skill Bridge are the new skill moves you can use to outsmart your opponents when FIFA 22 is released (01.10.). Information about the new skill moves are still rare at the moment. The button combinations on the controller are just as less known as the visual appearance of the skills. Only a video of the "Scoop Turn Fake" exists on Twitter (@FIFA 22 Daily).

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