Frequently Asked Questions

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Oops! Sorry for the trouble! Please send us a mail to: our support team will contact you immediately.

  1. Check if your Bluetooth is activated on your device.
  2. Switch your Bluetooth off and on!
  3. Check that your controller is not still connected to the PlayStation/Xbox.
  4. You also have the possibility to connect the controller via USB   

After your controller was connected via Bluetooth, you will need to reconnect it to your console. Use the USB cable as usual.  

Your controller must not be connected to your console. Then press and hold your connection buttons (PlayStation: PS button+Share/Xbox: Xbox button+Connection button) simultaneously until a white light flash

Check the battery status of your controller. If it still fails, disconnect your controller once from your Bluetooth device and reconnect it.

If your controller is blue, your controller has connected to your PlayStation. This is often because you have not pressed both connection buttons at the same time. Log your controller off your PlayStation and try again.   

The problem occurs only on the PC, your mobile phone is not affected. Check that your mouse cursor is not on one of the categories.

You need a good internet connection to enjoy the maximum fun of the game. The best way is to use an LTE network or your WLAN. 

To have access to all skills in our skill game you have to register for the All Access Area. 

Show in our (?) which rank you are in. Battle with your friends and other users from all over the world.

Reload the page once. Doesn’t this help? Disconnect your controller and reconnect it.

You can use the skill game with any smartphone. Just check your internet connection and make sure your controller is charged and connected. 

The Accuracy shows you how accurate your execution was. The value is based on the perfect execution of the skill. Let’s see if you reach 100% 😉   

To play the Skillgame, you must first register as a Free User. After that you can use selected skills. To get full access to the game, just become part of our community.

You can find the Share Button on the right above the control pad. The button is marked with “SHARE”.

The Connection Button is located at the top of your controller. Between LB and RB.


Check if you have entered the correct email address and write to

Logout and login again, if this doesn’t work write

You have exceeded your download limit of the SKILLBOOK, write an E-Mail to, then we can reset you if necessary. To prevent this from happening again, see here how to download the SKILLBOOK to your mobile device: Question 1

1on1 Coaching

Just follow our instructions and we will hit you up with further information 

You just need a Login for Skype, as well as a good connection to the internet. We will hit you up with all further information. 

You will receive an email and we will figure out the appointment with you. Furthermore you will receive all additional details (Coach, Gaming device, Date, Time). 

We normally planning after CEST.


Gamers Academy is always looking for new Coaches and Gamers. You can send us an E-mail via ( 

We are always looking for the next screamer or skill that fooled your opponent. Just send us your footage on Instagram, Facebook… and get the chance to be featured by the Gamers Academy. 

The topics of the classes are made with the help of our coaches and Pro Gamers. Our Coaches share their knowledge to avoid common mistakes. 

Gamers Academy is a coaching platform for gaming. You can learn all about the Game FIFA and be coached by real Pro Gamers. 

No.The Gamers Academy is an online training gym for FIFA. We provide classes, gamy analyzing and 1on1 Coaching to help every gamer to step up their games. 

No. The Gamers Academy is a gaming gym, that will help you with classes to step up your game. 

At the moment the Gamers Academy provides classes for the FIFA20 game, but we are working on it to deliver content for more games. Stay tuned!

The Skillbook was our first test, to deliver a book, that is all about the Game FIFA20. We created a platform, where you will find everything about FIFA20 and around it. 

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