FIFA 21 FUT Season 4 Rewards & Players

FIFA 21 FUT Season 4 rewards are much better than Season 3. (Credit: EA Sports)
This was a huge weekend for FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. The second Future Stars team launched and so did a new FUT season. We present to you the FIFA 21 FUT Season 4 rewards.

The FUT Future Stars clog the spotlight in FUT, but Season 4 also started and has good enough rewards to merit its own slew of attention.

FIFA 21 FUT Season 4 Rewards

As usual, leveling up during the season will bring along all types of items such as crests, emblems, match balls, some packs and of course – player card picks. It is the cards that we’re interested in the most.

There are two levels that matter: level 15 and level 30. That is where players are awarded. To get to that point, you’ll have to deal with the weekly bronze, silver and gold objectives. Let’s move to the rewards themselves.
Marcos Senesi is the most intriguing part of the level 15 rewards. (Credit: EA Sports)

FUT Season 4: The Level 15 Rewards

The Season 3 level 15 cards were rated at 83. As the year progresses, so do the rewards. This time we’re at 85:
  • CF: Luca Waldschmidt (Benfica) – 85 OVR
  • CB: Marcos Senesi (Feyenoord) – 85 OVR
  • CM: Moussa Dembélé (Guangzhou R&F) – 85 OVR
27,600 XP are needed to reach level 15 and unlock one of the three players. Most interesting might be center back Senesi. Especially for those who completed the Sean Klaiber SBC  at the time he was available.
The level 30 rewards are all great value cards. (Credit: EA Sports)

FUT Season 4: The Level 30 Rewards

Things get really interesting at level 30, for which you have to accumulate 100,000 XP. Not easy if you can’t play every day but the cards are worth it.
  • LM: Ryan Sessegnon (Hoffenheim) – 87 OVR
  • RW: Adnan Januzaj (Real Sociedad) – 88 OVR
  • RB: Mattia De Sciglio (Olympique Lyon) – 88 OVR
All three look very strong on paper and with the right chemistry style, can reach values beyond the 90 OVR mark. Ryan Sessegnon can actually reach the highest OVR of the three with the Marksman chemistry style and become a fantastic striker.
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By Kiril Stoilov

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