FIFA 22: New offensive tactics for more individuality

In FIFA 22 you have new tactical possibilities in the offense (Source: EA Sports)
In FIFA 22 there will be new tactical settings in the offense, with which you can customize your team in the attack even more.
The new attack tactics in FIFA 22 give you more control over your playing style. It is possible to set different playing styles for both halves of the game. You can play with possession in your own half and then push forward in your opponent’s half with lightning-fast build-up play, play straightforwardly from penalty area to penalty area, or set up your own personal style of play.
According to FUTZone, the custom tactics will return to a sliding rule system, as you already know it from past FIFA editions. This will give you more control over the way your team acts in different stages of the build-up game and how chances are created. More details of these tactics will allow you to shape the team according to your own ideas and make it play your ideal style.
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By Stephan Murphy


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